Post-Decree Mediation Services

Most divorce decrees today require mediation as a first attempt at resolving post-decree concerns prior to going to court. Time changes things that you cannot anticipate or that your divorce decree does not address. Frequently those changes create issues that need to be addressed for effective cooperative parenting such as:

  • Parenting schedule changes prompted by work, school or extra-curricular changes
  • Parenting plans that don’t work or were never created
  • Financial changes such as job loss, pay cuts, increased child expenses
  • Parent to parent communication needs improved so that the children’s appointments aren’t missed
  • Children’s concerns such as strained relationships with one parent

Let us help you communicate with our post-decree mediation services. At P.A. French & Associates, we see many divorced couples who need to address a new or existing concern and want to do so without the cost and frustration involved in seeking a judgment from the court. Cooperative parenting is challenging. We are experienced at finding ways to improve your parenting relationship for you and your children’s benefit.

Contact Patty French at P.A. French & Associates to learn how our mediation
services can help you break through impasses and reach resolutions.

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