Mediation Services

Our Chicago mediation services offer you the opportunity to resolve differences without draining your financial resources, time and emotional energy. It enables you to make agreements that work for you and your family and allows you to maintain control of the outcome. With over twenty years of experience in the dispute resolution field, we specialize in assisting couples and families who wish to resolve their divorce, post-decree or separation concerns through mediation.

Our Chicago mediation services provide:

  • Over twenty years of dispute resolution experience
  • Confidential, cost efficient and timely resolutions
  • Appointments to fit your schedule and location
  • Minimal or no legal involvement
  • Non-adversarial resolutions
  • A process that promotes cooperative relationships
  • Methods that maintain your family’s values

We understand that conflict can interfere with communication, create impasses and erode relationships. Patty French, the principal of P.A. French & Associates has spent her career helping clients resolve their differences in a mutually beneficial way.

We are fully versed in the process of divorce mediation and effective conflict resolution. As such, P.A. French & Associates is dedicated to helping couples and families transform relationships in ways that honor their lives and values.

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services can help you break through impasses and reach resolutions.

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