Divorce Mediation Services

Considering a Divorce Mediator?

If you want to divorce without the emotional drain and financial hardship that can occur with the ending of a relationship and create agreements that are mutually beneficial, then divorce mediation is for you.

With over twenty years of dispute resolution experience, your divorce mediator provides a safe and respectful place for guiding you and your spouse through all of the decisions needed to file for divorce without the surprises and unnecessary delays that are inherent in other types of divorce processes. We help you turn negative emotions into positive action so that you make sound decisions about your children, finances and marital property.

When you choose Patty French as your Divorce Mediator, you receive the advantage of both comprehensive divorce mediation training and experience. Having received Alternative Dispute Resolution Training and Divorce Mediation Training from Northwestern University, Patty continued her training with the completion of multiple advanced divorce meditation internships. She is a divorce mediation coach at Northwestern University and serves on the board of the Mediation Council of Illinois. As a past board member and current member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Association of Conflict Resolution, Patty is dedicated to helping couples and families transform their relationships in a way that honors their lives. The benefits of our divorce mediation services are outlined below:

  • 20+ years of dispute resolution experience
  • Control of your family and financial life
  • Confidential & less costly services
  • Minimal court involvement
  • Sessions tailored to your schedule
  • Agreements that work for you and stand the test of time
  • A process that enhances your children’s sense of safety and family
  • Ability to address unique family needs
  • Services that promote mutual respect & dignity
  • Faster resolutions

Contact Patty French to learn how a divorce mediator can help you break through impasses and reach resolutions call
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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Mediation

What is covered in a mediated divorce?

All issues unique to your family plus:

  • Joint Parenting & Decision making
  • Weekly & Holiday Schedules
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Child support
  • Division of Assets & Debt
  • Marital Residence & Property Tax Concerns
  • Budgeting
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Filing

Will mediation work for a couple who can’t agree on anything?

Yes, many couples enter into mediation discouraged about their inability to agree on even small issues and are concerned about the amount of conflict present in the relationship. We understand that couples who are divorcing may have communication problems that can lead to difficulty making agreements. Patty is skilled at helping clients move through the impasse that difficult communication creates. Our mediation process promotes better communication so that you:

  • Are more likely to be satisfied with the process and final divorce agreement
  • Take less time to get a divorce and spend less money on your divorce
  • Find better ways of communicating through the mediation process
  • Are less likely to go back to court to fight about something else

Can I mediate if I have already filed for divorce?

Yes. Many couples file for divorce and then decide that mediation better serves their needs. Mediation can be used at any stage in a divorce and for as many issues as the couple wants to mediate.

Will I need a lawyer in order to use mediation?

While it isn’t required, in divorce cases, you may choose to retain an attorney who can provide you with legal guidance as well as draft documents for filing with the court. As your mediator, I may recommend that you do so. However, by using mediation, it is likely that you will use fewer legal services. Even when the mediator is a lawyer, the mediator is not acting as a lawyer and cannot give legal counsel or represent either person in the divorce.

What if I don’t have an attorney?

Many couples come to mediation without an attorney. We have a referral list of mediation friendly attorneys, financial neutrals and therapists to assist you.

What should I know about a mediator before choosing one?

You should approach hiring a mediator just like you would any other professional. Most important is how comfortable you are with the mediator’s style and approach to the process.

Generally, you should obtain the following information:

  • Training, experience and background of the mediator;
  • Experience or knowledge in mediating the type of issues you have;
  • Fees charged and how fees are divided among the parties to the mediation;
  • Professional memberships.

What other areas of concern can mediation be helpful?

Mediation is appropriate for many concerns. While the following is not exhaustive, it represents common areas of concern that mediation can assist in resolving:

  • Post-Decree Mediation (change of custody, support, parenting time, college contribution)
  • Separation Mediation
  • Family Mediation
  • Couples Mediation
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Pre-marital Mediation
  • Parentage Mediation (unmarried parents)

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