Divorce Coaching Services

Divorce is a turning point in your life. The divorce process often causes turmoil and a sense of crisis which is emotionally exhausting and interferes with good decision making yet it is a time that calls for clear and thoughtful decisions. Patty, as your Divorce Coach, is a mental health professional but does not act as a therapist or replace the role of a therapist. She is familiar with couples in conflict, understands the divorce process and knows that court orders create havoc in people’s lives and can undermine children’s sense of happiness and safety. As your divorce coach, Patty will help you with:

  • Clearing the cloud of emotion that impairs good decision making
  • Organizing your financial goals
  • Budget planning
  • Setting appropriate goals for your individual and families future
  • Developing strategies for effective listening
  • Effective conflict resolution skills
  • Creating common goals for cooperative parenting
  • Finding ways to safeguard your children from the inherent damage of a dissolving marriage
  • Building a cooperative parenting relationship that respects, dignifies and strengthens the family you created

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Common Questions about Divorce Coaching

Will I benefit from divorce coaching if my spouse won’t participate?
Divorce coaching can help even if only one of you agrees to participate in the process. The benefit of individual sessions is that you will be more effective with informed decision making and clearly stating your intent for the successful outcome of your divorce agreement.

Is divorce coaching only for a collaborative divorce?
Whether you are litigating your divorce, mediating or using the collaborative divorce process, divorce coaching can benefit you and your spouse.

Will divorce coaching be helpful if I am in the middle of my divorce?
Yes, divorce coaching can be helpful at any stage of a divorce and can be used for specified goals.

How long is the divorce coaching session?
Sessions are scheduled for one hour. Additional time can be scheduled as needed or at your request.

How many divorce coaching sessions are necessary?
You determine the number of sessions you want to have as well as the goals that you want to accomplish.

Can divorce coaching be helpful if we are already divorced?
Yes, many people find that although they are divorced, they continue to have some of the same problems that still impact their ability to grow beyond the divorce. Divorce coaching can help you communicate better and problem solve enabling you to move forward in your life.

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