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Addictions Counseling South Barrington

Alcohol and Drug addiction is a disease. With appropriate care, individuals who are affected by this illness can reclaim their life and reach their full potential in life. Additive disorders are a bio-psycho-social illness that is caused by factors unique to each individual.  Biologically, genetics plays a role in determining who is more susceptible to the disease. A person is at greater risk if they have a biological relative with addiction problems. Research shows that factors like high stress or other mental health disorders can also contribute to alcohol and drug use as a way to cope.  People who feel shy, fearful or are in a great deal of stress can numb their emotional pain by using alcohol and drugs.  Additionally, the prevalence of alcohol use in a society with few cultural rules on excessive use has shown to increase the prevalence of addiction problems. Also, those suffering from trauma may self-medicate their pain with alcohol and drugs which can make them more vulnerable to developing an addictive disorder.  

Most people try many things in an attempt to rid themselves of the problems associated with addictive disorders.  Some change jobs, spouses, locations as well as people, places and things in the hopes of avoiding the painful consequences of this disease.  Most have limited success in altering the progression of an addictive disorder until they seek treatment for the disease itself.  It is common to not be able to imagine living a life free of the pain of addiction but this dream comes true for people who seek appropriate treatment for their illness. 

At Addictions Counseling South Barrington, we understand the devastating impact this illness has on people’s lives. Like many illnesses, without proper help, the disease only gets worse.  We have over twenty five years of experience working with individuals and their families suffering from addiction problems.  Our work together can help bring understanding; healing and hope back to your life.  The sessions are tailored to your individual needs.  Whether you have recently completed an inpatient or intensive outpatient addictions treatment program and wish to strengthen your recovery through individual work with a private counselor or are looking for an initial assessment to better understand your treatment options, our alcohol and drug counseling services can assist you in your recovery goals.    

If you are a concerned family member, it isn’t easy to watch a loved one suffer from an addictive disorder. The behaviors you see in your loved one can be confusing and filled with shame.  Yes there is help and hope for your loved one and your family.  Addictive disorders are a family illness.  This means the whole family is impacted by the disease.  As a family member, you may feel or have been told by your loved one that you are to blame for their using and problematic behavior.  You may have tried to change your behavior, your children’s behavior, your neighborhood, job, schedule or countless other things in your life in the hopes of helping your loved one to stop drinking or using, all with limited success. You may feel there is no hope. The good news is with appropriate help, the whole family can heal together.   Call Addictions Counseling South Barrington to find out how to begin helping yourself and your family. Isn’t it time you begin living your life free of the pain of addiction? If you are ready to enlist the help of professional alcohol and drug counseling services and you live in the South Barrington area, then it is time to call Addictions Counseling South Barrington to find hope and healing.

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