Addictions Counseling Long Grove

Finding New Ways to Cope With Addictions

If you live with or care about a loved one who has an addiction and want to find ways to cope and promote your own and their well-being, our addictions counseling services provide the education and guidance needed to learn to responsibly care for your own health and happiness and promote sobriety in the loved one you care about.

The stress of living with alcohol or drug addiction can impact your physical, emotional and social health. It is quite normal for family members to feel frustrated. Addictions Counseling Long Grove services help you to minimize your anxiety and sense of helplessness by identifying how your loved ones illness has impacted you and what you can do to take care of yourself and take control of your life. While you cant control the addiction, understanding how the addiction has impacted your life, can help you identify how to develop new ways of coping.

The life of an addict is filled with crises. When trouble erupts, all members of a family feel the stress. During times of stress, it is normal to react out of fear and a need to control. Your reactions make you vulnerable to reverting to old family patterns that may not work and can contribute to the problem. At addictions counseling Long Grove, you will learn how to stop reacting and start acting in ways that reflect your values. Learning to thoughtfully act enables you to communicate what you need, set healthy boundaries and hold your loved one accountable.

Learning to clearly state what you need and set healthy boundaries in appropriate ways is a learned skill and takes practice. It is a skill worth learning because it opens the door for honest and authentic communication. Boundaries differ for each person and situation. It takes time and practice to be in tune with your emotions so you can honor what is important to you. Addictions make people focus on to all of the things they cant control. Attending to what you can control, your emotions, reactions and how you communicate boundaries opens the door to a new way of dealing with your life. Imagine a life that promotes your own self-care, setting healthy boundaries and living authentically regardless of your loved ones behavior. Isnt it time to begin living the life that reflects who you are? Call addictions counseling Long Grove to create the life you want.

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